Fanjove Island

Songo Songo Archipelago

The beautiful uncontaminated nature of a tropical island, 20 miles from the coast, is a tourist destination still unexplored. Once landed on Songo Songo Island, 40 minutes flight from Dar es Salaam, after a short boat trip, guests will live an unforgettable experience steeping in an exotic sensation, Robinson Crusoe’ style. You enter in a paradise dimension; time slows down, detaching us entirely from everyday life.

The beaches of pure sand and the turquoise water, the light unrolling of the waves, the whistling of the wind that caresses the palms, the unique, shy and coloured Coconut Crab specimens that come out at night. The multicoloured species of birds that stop during the migrations will be only one of the several frames and colours. There are no inhabitants except for guests, staff and birds. Green turtles lay their eggs between the Banda, and dolphins are often seen in the island’s waters.

Best tourist Activities in Fanjove Island

Relish the privacy and melt into pure relaxation on Fanjove Island; or take advantage of an array of activities to enhance your discovery of this untouched paradise

Diving and Snorkelling

Staying at Fanjove offers exceptional diving and snorkelling opportunities in warm waters of approx. 28°C and visibility of up to 30m. Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Damselfish. The Indian Ocean teems with brightly coloured fish. Sightings in this rich marine world may include grey or black-tip reef shark, whales and turtles.

Marine Safari

Different dolphin species frequent the waters around Fanjove. Spinner Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins are regularly spotted, and with luck, you may have the opportunity to swim alongside them.

Bird Watching

From November to March, the island is the destination of migratory birds. Armed with a good pair of binoculars, and stationed in a safe lookout spot, you can appreciate the rich diversity of our island neighbours.

Kayak Safari

Fanjove has four single kayaks which provides a memorable way for guests to explore the whole main island, the bird island and the cliff system from the water

Sand Bank Excursion

At low tide, we have access to a secluded sandbank from where you can snorkel, swim and watch for dolphins as an excellent lunch of grilled fish is prepared privately right in front of you.

Dhow Sailing

Enjoy the sunset and views of Fanjove from the traditional East Africa coast sailing vessel. The boat will set sail before sunset, skippered by locals from the village nearby and one of our waiters. Enjoy a memorable sundowner while experiencing the timeless grace of the wooden dhow.


Try your hand at catching a Barracuda, Jack, or even a Kingfish. Fishing is catch-and-release, and we can have our kitchen make it in a local way using a charcoal grill, for our guests’ enjoyment.

Fanjove Nature Trail

Channel your inner Robinson Crusoe and explore the island on foot. Maps are on hand to guide you, or indeed a local guide can accompany you, to offer insights into the Island, its history and customs.